Since its inception in 2009, GTC Gives Back events have raised over $134,000 to fight breast cancer.  With those generous donations, we have been able to make a substantial contribution it breast cancer research, as well as helping local women in our community currently in treatment with specific, unmet needs.  Through a partnership with Kennestone Hospital we have identified and gifted several women with proceeds raised from last year’s events.  For most, we have helped to defray unpaid bills and provided monetary support to buy food for their weakened bodies.  Also, we have made gifts of simple niceties for a few who are not financially challenged of whom we know personally in our community. We wanted to acknowledge their difficult journey with a gesture of kindness.

Through sports such as golf and tennis, friends sharing a glass of wine and the love for art, GTC Gives Back have worked to spread awareness about breast health and breast cancer as an extension of the non-profit organization, Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

GTC members present a basket to the secrectary at Allatoona High School. Her 23 year old daughter who lives in Florida is fighting breast cancer. She was
able to present the basket to her later that month.



GTC members on their way to present a gift to a needy patient.  Read this incredible story.

GTC Guardian Angel Presentation

Parker and I had a very special experience Thursday night. We had the honor and privilege to personally visit and present a very special gift from the proceeds
of last year’s GTC Gives Back Breast Cancer Fundraiser. After all the large donations had been made to the various breast cancer non-profit organizations, there was several thousand dollars set aside to provide gifts to directly women in our greater community who are currently or have recently been in treatment. The individuals were selected for various reasons to honor.

Parker and I knocked on the door of our special recipient with 2 dozen pink roses, a GTC Pink “Ribbon” noodle and a very generous check from the event donations and the culmination of a lot of hard work done by so many.

When the door opened, we were both so surprised to see a beautiful young woman in her early 30’s who could have been Vanessa Williams double… but even prettier. Why did I just assume that a much older woman would be behind that door?

Our special recipient has had a very difficult time with her breast cancer, yet standing there and talking with her, both Parker and I were struck with how amazingly beautiful and healthy that she looked even though we knew the huge battle she is facing. Visually, it just did not add up. Then from the second floor of her immaculate home, came a very small voice, “Mama…mama”…. and the gravitity of what this very sick woman was facing became
even more apparent. It was heartbreaking.

After accepting the roses and noodle “ribbon”, she was quite moved to open her card to see a GTC Gives Back check which truly will make a different in her life for day-to-day needs for a few months. She immediately started to cry, thanked us, hugged us and said that we were sent to her as the guardian angels that she had prayed for. Over and over again, she reached out and held us as if the GTC gift and charity of strangers was a lifeline. The weight of what she is battling in this very difficult time in her life was painfully clear on her face.

After lots of hugs, lots of tears by all and some very special moments shared among strangers, Parker and I left. Driving back home, we both shared our feelings of what had just happened. We both felt that we were actually the ones that had just been given an amazing gift. To be able to present her with something that could actually help and make a difference in her challenging life at this time made us both feel so appreciated.

The evening’s experience is one that we will remember all of our lives. We were so proud to be able to play a small part in making GTC Gives Back a real, authentic charity that makes a difference. Our gifts are so appreciated by the women being honored.

If you get the chance to volunteer to make a GTC
Guardian Angel Delivery, Parker and I promise it will be one of the most
rewarding experiences you will have to give back.